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Delivering Excellence Since 1988

Zachry Integrity Engineering Ltd is a Canadian owned engineering and consulting firm based in Calgary, Alberta.

Since 1988, we have been providing professional engineering and management services to our clients in Canada and around the globe. We take pride in offering complete project solutions to our partners in the energy, mining, and forest industries.

We specialize in engineering design, project management, industrial equipment fabrication, construction material handling, international labor sourcing, and training. We are also well versed in the areas of SAGD, oil sands, refineries, petrochemicals, pipelines and cover both engineering and operational aspects.

We strive to develop long term relationships with our clients and we recognize that their success is also our success.

Fitness For Service

Is a multi-disciplinary engineering approach that determines if equipment such as pressure vessels, piping, and tanks are fit to continue operating for a desired period. This service is used for equipment exhibiting flaws or damage, or is aged and cannot be evaluated under the original construction codes.

Forensic Engineering

Investigates the causes of equipment, material, and structural failure. We can also determine the root cause of the failure and the reasons behind why it occurred.

Finite Element Analysis

Utilizes computer simulations of real life objects and transforms them into a numerical mathematical technique called Finite Element Method. We use this method to run virtual experiments in order to optimize designs and to understand the physical effects on designs, this includes fluid dynamics, thermal analysis, stress analysis, and failure analysis. 

Stress Analysis

Investigates and reduces the stress in designs to prevent failure of components thus extending production life.

Cold Brittle Fracture Prevention

Is implemented during the design phase by selecting equipment and proper materials to reduce the potential of cold brittle fracture. Assessments can also be performed on existing systems to determine the likelihood of Brittle Fracture. This can prevent equipment failure, production loss, injury and loss of life.


Activity Feed

We are one of the few Canadian engineering firms with LNG design experience.

We are experienced in Level 1 to 3 Fitness For Service (API 579, ASME FFS-1) assessments.

We are experts in the use of Finite Element Analysis from brittle fracture prevention to optimizing equipment design.

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